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First week

No, it’s not about pregnancy as i’ve seen in many blogs i red.

Passed the first week here. Had few things settled such as room, including a (very nice) roomate, fee course, but the course itself. I hope next week everything will settle insya Allah. Amin.

Being far from home always make me think a lot. I don’t know, maybe because i have nothing to be done except those basic things that human alive does.

I realize more here how unfriendly i am. It’s totally different with my nice roomate. She’s very open to everyone. even some people just knocked at our door, then greeted her “hi, charming” then they just talked to her in a best-friend manner. One thing that might be too hard for me.

I think i’m very low at my social skill. I dont like talking to other people and (worse) i don’t really care. I don’t bother to join any social media. Even when i have a blog, which is one of that socmed, i don’t want any people read this. Am i too possesive about me?Well, it scares me too(sometimes).

I have promised to be better this semester. I’ve promised to go around more, cook often, and be nicer. The result of my first week, still unseen yet. I’m too lazy to go around, and the food i brought from home are still available.

Oh, instead of going around here, i’ve booked a ticket to go home next month

Nice sad, isn’t it?

Lets hope for a better me next week!



Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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