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So long..

It feels like years that i haven’t written anything.

Currently in my last chapter here. I have been enjoying (maybe) the longest holiday in my life. I just hope it will finish well and , maybe again soon.

I just have two un-answeres questions while i am here :

– Why, can not we have such good transportation system back in my country?while almost all these jiran countries have those already. I never could understand.

– Why, the language become so differ than ours?the accent , which i found sometimes is quite annoying, while it came from the same root?

Never mind.

However, this year would also be one of the most exciting and memorable year.

Having another degree, will travel again insya Allah on September and having another birthday there (amin,amin, amin), and another big(gest) plan in the end of the year, Insya Allah.

Still have not any clear direction where to go from here. I hope i’ll just find the right place along the way. the only thing i care about is finding the way to my constant stomachaches destinations. It’s absolutely a guilty pleasure to read those blogs and searching for promo tickets, click any dates, and see how much it cost,hehe.

I just believe i’ll be there someday,let’s keep it in mind and have some faith.

Till then…


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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