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Another mourning..

I don’t know whether this is real or not..

we have another sad news : Om Eko passed away today.

Two weeks in a row. The grief over my grandma hasn’t yet recovered, then this one feels like …. I don’t know….

My mum flew to gorontalo this morning, while i’ll be back once again tomorrow.

I really haven’t any courage to go back there. Twice in a row, being in the airport only makes me cry. I wish i just could stay.

I remember my first post on this year.

I remember clearly stated this year would be an exciting and memorable year due to some (big) events ahead.

Then, I was wrong. and right.

I think exciting is a wrong term, while memorable, yes, it is indeed.

I feel like I’m attacked when I’m unprepared.

And I’ll go on while some pieces of my heart are taken away



Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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