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Looking Back

.. all the things happened last year.

Have been reading through all posts. Really can’t believe that 9 months can change someone’s life, drastically.

9 months, 3 huge loss. You call that a lot.

A Grandmother, an uncle, a mother. I call it too much. Too much for such heart to bear.

On other hand,

6 months, 3 huge blessing.

Master Degree, Hajj on 27th birthday, and Wedding.

People said it was a very big luck. I considered and asked,” Are those the trade-off?In order to gain something, u have to lose something”.

I got three, I lost three.

Lesson learned in a very hard way.

For me, I still don’t feel ok about losing my two sunshines and a star. I don’t know that the price of getting all those blessing would be that high.

Maybe up there, Allah said to me,

“You can’t have it all my dear. I fulfilled all, ALL, your wishes this year. And it’s not merely simple wish, you ask big ones. Think how many people have a chance to have all those three huge things in a year?Rare, isn’t?Very rare.
Thus, What I take from you will also equal with those I will give to you”.

And no proper answer i can give for that. At least, for now..


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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