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What I’ve been doing?

Where am I heading to?

What are my next goals?

Lately, I just feel lost. If someone ask me How’s life?

Then I’d probably answer :Umm.. i’m..lost?

Is it true that losing your loved one(s) can literally make you feel lost?

I do feel that. I’m no longer have dreams that make me feel excited to pursue, to make it real happened. Paris, Milan, Barcelona are no longer giving me stomach-ache by remembering them, of how much I really want to be there before this.

I thought of how great it will be to be a mother. But now, I just feel anxious every time I think about it. Not that I don’t want to be one, but the thought of raising child(ren) is quite frightening,now.

Work?Just refused another good opportunity. No regret.

I feel like trapped in my own body and mind.

And I miss my mum.



Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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