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How I Met The Doctor I :”At The Beginning”

I rarely talk about him. Almost never. Suddenly I have the mood. So, don’t let it go in vain.

We had a very very long (hi)story. 10-long-and-hard-years. As I’m writing this, 10 years may sound so easy, and fast. In fact, just imagine how 10 years can do to one’s life.

We first met on 2002. Second grade at senior high school. I went to 81, he went to 61. Still in the s ame neighbourhood. We didn’t meet at school. We met in an English course. I think God is really humorous. 10 years from that time, this English course become one of part of our life once again.

I was a level higher at that time. But, the higher level, the less the students are. so, at one high level, I had to wait, so they could open the class. I noticed him on the first day simply because he’s my type. Yeah,the nerd looking guy with glasses never failed me. But, that was it. I had no intention of making friend or whatever.

I never made friends easily. I just went  to  prayer room to do maghrib prayer, then I just went back to the class. I didn’t really care that some of the students wondering why I never bothered to go to canteen, or had chat. So it happened while we were on the same class. I just sat by my self, greeted everyone once, answered if someone asked me, the rest, just sat still,be quiet, and red books. The only friend i was quite comfortable with was Andrio. We were on the same class from the very beginning, meanwhile, he was also my elementary school friend. So, I’d known him for quite sometime. Another small important thing, i never feel any comfortable with any men,boys. What made me was ok with andrio that he wasn’t the type that would fall for me and neither did I:)) But again, 10 years from that time, unbelievably, Andrio took part in the most important day of our live together. How funny it can be:)

So, my English class just ran as usual until one day the teacher wanted us to work in pairs. The best that I could remember, he was sitting next to me on that day. So, we worked as a pair. The conversation was just casual, discussed what we had to do with the task, then took turn in answering. That was all. I wasn’t in my good mood that day. It was on Thursday, mid of July. I was having bad mood about my piano lesson on Friday. So,when the lesson finished, I tidied up my things and hurried to prayer room. Didn’t even bother to say goodbye or anything.

I saw him again after praying. I forgot he said something,like basa basi, then i simply answered. But then. what happened after that might be considered as the root of all problems that we would go through in the next few years. It’s so funny, isn’t it? A small,random and meaningless thing that you did in the past gave an enormous impact to your future.

So, what was that small,random, and meaningless thing that I did that day?

Gave him my mobile number.

Of course not voluntarily, he asked me first. At that time, not everyone had their own mobile phone. I had it together too with my sister before we finally owned our own. That day, it was my turn who brought it. So, when he asked me i just easily gave my number and he miscalled me so I could save his too.

That was it. As simple as gave your number away to your class mate. How bad it can be?

No needed waiting too long. The effect was in an instant. I instantly received  my first text from him right after I arrived home. I’m laughing when I remember that while I’m writing this;))

I never had any text with any boys before. More, from one that I just met and knew in couple of weeks. I’d simply ignore it. But then, I too didn’t understand why I behaved differently that time. I mean, i didn’t take it as something that annoyed me. So I replied his text, still without anything in my head.

A text then became four texts that night. Four unusual texts for two people who just met and knew each other. When I replied the first text without anything in my head,after four texts, that night, I slept with so many things in my head.



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