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I am, always envy those who can write consistently and produce good writing.

Because it’s very hard to write and keep writing daily. Like now, I’ve no idea what I want to write. Just babbling around.

Dad,bro,and sis will come home in few days from Hajj Insya Allah. During these 1,5 months, I’ve the most meetings up in a year. College best friend, high school mates, and last Sunday, met up after 11 years, my ILP fellows. Those people whom I met when my a lifetime love story began. The Doctor’s high school friends, as well as my elementary friends too, Funny, wasn’t it?

And, today, is the first day of 1435 H, I’m going to meet my longest best friend, from elementary and junior high. Yeah, meeting up is very pricey these days. I’m also envy those who can constantly set up a meeting with their old friends. 

I think. t’s getting hard for me because I stop making friends since years ago. If I look up my phone book, and think of talking to someone, it’s been always the same persons. It’s either The Rangers, Noni, Astrid, or few of my high school friends, last but not least, my sister and bien sur, Le docteur. No new ones. All came from at least 11 years ago.  


I’m also turning 29 last October. 29, what a number, isn’t it?Soon my 20’s will be over. One of the best decade in one’s lifetime,mine too. I had the highlights of my life during this ten years. Bachelor degree, become a real teacher as I dreamed, went abroad, master degree abroad, went Hajj, got married. What a blessing. I just wish and pray hard for one more huge blessing in the end of these great 10 years. May Allah pleases to give me that chance. Amin.


So, I think that’s all the babble this morning. It’s holiday and le husband is around. So, hopefully, good day it is!


Au revoir;)



Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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