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Redefining Life

Ramadhan is here once again. It’s been a week. Although many things have changed,but Ramadhan as I remember.has always been heart-warming.

The title above sounds too serious,doesn’t it? It suddenly came up this morning after sahur and feel the urge to write it. Since the writing mood comes so rarely, I won’t waste it.

My life has changed a lot since the end of 2012. And since then, it feels like stuck in one point. Before that time, work had been quite exciting because I had always had something to aim for. Work (and money) was a tool for some purposes and it was enjoyable. The feeling to have your plan executed was awesome.

Lately, I just kind of living a life. Haven’t been anywhere for almost 2 years. It just a work for living. And in many times, it frustrates me a lot. Been complaining to him about quitting work either school or music work. I almosy lost all my interest in doing any work. Even usually I was quite exciting when payday came, rushing to the bank to arrange the money, it has changed too. I just checked it when it came then I just wait until I have time to go to bank.

I currently stop chasing something due to our situation. I mean with him studying,we don’t have much time and money to be spent for other things than to secure it for any rainy days. Plus, the little one is in its way here,so we even have to prepare more. Thank God, it’s been enough alhamdulillah and hope it will always be sufficient.

But then, as I am aged, I really want to pursue something again. First thing first, Europe. You know,it has been my constant stomach-ache since a very long time. Along these 2 years I tried my best to not to think about it that much. But, I will never be able to forget about it. The very first thing I really want to do after he finishes studying insya Allah is executing this one. Either alone or together. Sounds selfish? Maybe.

But my plan now can’t be just merely my plan. It has to do with many people. So, I think this one of an important lessons for you kids,do many things as much as you can when you have your time and freedom. Before selfishness can’t be your middle name any longer. I hope I,and your father can support you as best as we can to let you experience as many as possible best things in life,amin.

My last sentence might be my new way of redefining a life..


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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