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Yesterday, a shock news came as I red twitter. A Malaysian Airlines plane had been shot in Ukraine. It just another sad news from MH after the missing plane last March. One missing and this one was shot down. All the passengers were gone.

The missing plane was literally missing. It just dissapeared into nothing even until now no country has been able to trace it. Then, it just few months they had another disaster. The plane was shot by Ukranian missile and it fell off to the ground into pieces.

I have been reading all news related to that and feel so grieve. Been flying several times with MH while I was studying abroad and I liked it. It had been my first choice if the price reasonable. I preferred MH than any other airlines.

So those sad news were quite made me gloomy since I feel close to it. Hundred lives were just gone in few seconds like it was nothing. Other even just dissapeared without no one knows what really happened back then.
It reminds that our life is never been ours. We can turn from something into nothing in a blink.

As this little one is in my womb, I even worry more. Like a lot. About many things. My fear that I couldn’t be as good as my mom, that I might lack in many things, or I don’t have enough time to be with him/her and its siblings until they are ready to stand on their own.

The sad news plus the thought above,currently devastate me so much.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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