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Found the quote above somewhere between twitter or instagram and could not agree more.
Since my 20’s are soon to be over insya Allah, few days ago I wrote down in my notes the highlights in each year during my 20’s.
Let’s take a look :
First job at campus as a lecturer assistant.
Surviving KKN at Blanakan,Subang. I called it surviving since I safely returned healthier than the arrival. Gained few kilos.
Graduated from Faculty of Agriculture majoring Agribussiness with Honor.
A dream job came true teaching at an islamic school.
– Having the passport stamped. Kuala Lumpur and Singapore checked.
– Dealing with the worst broken heart.
– Hajj portion number completed.
Chosen as one of the most favorite teacher,highest score in english test, a very good times at school.
– Dealing with some personal problems. Some proposal were offered and politely rejected.
Started pursuing for master degree abroad. Fighting so much for europe for some time.
– Went Umra for the second time. This time, another stamp on the passport added. Istanbul, Turkey.
– Resigned from school
– Started over with a life-time sweet,sour,bitter problem♥
– Another dream came true : pursuing master degree abroad. It was UPM,Malaysia.
– Learning so much in every way of one life. Realized so many things about life. Might be the best time and place where my personal growth occured. Well, and to be fair, the worst time and place to the body till it suffered the lowest weight I have ever had.
– A wedding preparation and engagement while having LDR between so many places, you named it: Jkt-Timika, KL-Sorong,KL-Jakarta,Jkt-Vietnam,KL-Samarinda,Jkt-Mecca.
The most memorable year of my 20’s:
– Graduated with honor from UPM
Another dream came true once more : went hajj with mum. The greatest,toughest,and saddest journey.
– Well, this one was hard to imagine when it finally really came true : Married to a life-time best friend.
The one who had been here for 10 years,proposed since 9 years before,and kept trying to make it happen no matter what it took to be together.

Beyond grateful. Three great blessings one could have within a year. Master Degree abroad, Hajj, and A dream marriage.

However ..
The losses were equals, then :
– beloved grandma and uncle were taken just within two weeks interval.
– and, this one was and will always be the greatest loss of my life ; My dearest mum went two weeks after Hajj and just two weeks before the wedding. Half of my heart were already gone with her since that day.

Three enormous losses one can endure within a year.

After 28, life has been changed pretty much. It has not been easy (at all) but I can say it is not bad at all.
Had our 1st anniversary and is heading for the second while I am writing this, a little present inside the womb kicks softly:)

I can’t say much about the future. But, I will try to be bolder, braver to embrace whatever happen next.

Then, Hello,30:)


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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