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How I Met The Doctor VI : “The Doctor’s Followers”

I made the promise for me having quieter life after being in a relationship which I considered didn’t suit me at all.

The time before the doctor, I had good excuse to refuse all the offer since I truly had someone who I really liked for years. I expected no one other than that person.But,as my feeling started fading off it became quite hard using it as an excuse.

I’ve never been one who has so many guys after or popular. I was just an average and just nice looking enough during junior high and senior high school. I had some offer during those years but I never took any of it seriously until the doctor came.

Then I didn’t know what happened suddenly soon as I entered college I became quite popular,at least among students of my major. During new students three-days orientation I had few guys approaching me including the senior who protected me from those guys in my group who tried to approach. It took me some time to realize,men only really care to the girl that they like. So,you can’t call it protecting actually since he did that for his own sake:|

I didn’t know how to put the stories during these 4 years. Maybe I will do it according to the semesters. It was pretty funny that I had at least one person came each semester. But it wasn’t the funniest part.

The fact that they didn’t leave for several years,even after being rejected, well, several times, that was amusing and yet confusing me so much.

After the doctor, I didn’t really understand how all those guys could be waiting like he did.

They really did.

Good? Not at all.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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