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November Rain

Not a song title. But it is literally rain a lot in this month. This also the month when my mum left 2 years ago.

Have been gloomy these days. Either it is pregnancy hormonal or others, I become quite teary. Lack of sleep might cause this too. Some days, it really frustrates me for not being able to sleep, while still have to wake up early and prepare everything.

My mum, she often said long time ago that everything will be much harder when it is my turn to live my life. She meant a real life. And it turns out to be true. It is truly a hard work and tough. I wont bragging about things that I should be grateful for. I want to point out that it is truly not easy.

When your life is not only about you. When you have to put others’ needs above yours, when you have to take care almost everything while at the same time you have your work too. It has been not easy at all, especially to make everyone is happy.

My life after my mum left so far has been spent to take care others’ stuff. Sometimes it is so tiring and ngeselin. While everyone in the house can just do their own bussiness outside, go home, have some rest and repeat the same thing everyday.

I miss my selfish years..


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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