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Old text

Having Langit is truly one of the greatest things happen in my life. Several times when I am looking at her, it is a bit hard to believe that this little funny girl, yes, she has many funny faces:)), is truly my daughter.

Few years back then, I had no idea of me having a child, let alone a child, even a marriage was sound too scary. I enjoyed my comfort zone with my family.

The term family now has been altered since I have my own. It reminds me how things really change, or really have to change one day. I never imagine living without my mum before. Having a child without her guiding me. I thought my life will be as I predicted. My world had been turning around since 2 years ago. Life truly happens.

The journey with le husband so far has been fine. Quarel is surely unavoidable. It is impossible not to quarel when he marries me. It has been a tough 2 years with him. Facing all the difficulties here and there, but we made it so far. Tomorrow he will be leaving for Ruteng,NTT for a month. It is the first time we have another LDR after the marriage. Not too pleasant, hoping it will end sooner and well. Amin.

It’s 5 pm and I suddenly remember one of le husband’s old text :

” Is there any slightest chance that you would be the mother of my children?”

My answer was I didn’t know.

4 years later, here I am, writing this before preparing his daughter for afternoon bath..


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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