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Rainbow After The Rain

If previous post was quite gloomy then this one will seem to be a happier post.

Yesterday had been one day that made me anxious for quite some time. Pediatrician  visit.

It was not a usual visit since she would have BCG and retrovirus vaccine and also piercing. I had been quite anxious imagining her having those needles injected to her little body and the effect after it. That was why I told the doc hat I would wait until le husband returned from Ruteng so at least I would not face the crankiness alone.

I tried my best to not to convey my anxiety to her yesterday. I didn’t rush her bathing schedule also not forcing her to sleep. I finished my dhuha prayer then went to the hospital.

It started well when we arrived dr Lia was already there. Then it was  getting better when the nurse examine her and the result was very good. Beyond my expectation. Her weight now is already 4,2 kg, increased by 700 grams within 23 days.

It reduced my anxiety. A lot. At least, we are doing good for our exclusive breastfeed. Move to the next thing.

I was still being next to her when she had her immunization. But, when it was time for piercing then I could not stand it any longer. I chose to sit in the discussion table without even glanced. Hearing her scream really broke my heart and I could not help crying too. It was only an ear. She still had another one.

I decided to go outside unless I would faint inside and re-entered after it finished. Then my anxiety was almost totally disappeared. Next : baby massage.

Baby massage was much more easier. Although she had been quite cranky but it was good. Another good thing was the birth certificate was done too. I went home light-heartedly. Even at home, her crankiness felt nothing. It was more rainbow than rain;)

Well done, baby girl! Let’s keep up the good work! Cum cum cum and pluk pluk pluk from me:*

I won’t show you my new earrings


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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