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The Third month

Things have been very much better and enjoyable this month. Although there are few times that made me quite stressful, overall we have worked together very much better.

Langit has been improved a lot physically. She has now those baby fat on her body, gladly alhamdulillah. She has begun to coo, babble, and likes to suck her fingers once she wakes up. It is so funny everytime I hear her doing that:))

She also now smiles and laughs a lot. Especially to those she sees everyday. Seeing her smile and laugh to me can repay all the exhaustion of taking care everything without any help. Really, that is not easy at all.

I noticed several of her characters too. Then the more I notice, the more it resembles me, hehe. Let say like she likes an ordinary day. She does not really like going out. If we took her out, she would be just sleeping. Then, when we arrived at home, she would wake up and… made me stay awake for hours. Even almost always a whole night -_-. It is as if she said like, ” Mum, you had your fun already, now it is my turn”.

She will be very nice on a usual day. Sleep,wake up, having milk, play a little bit, then going back to sleep and those are repeated all day.

She seems not to fancy meeting people too. Not only going out, when we have some guests coming for her, she prefers sleeping. Even to bntg’s mum she still sleeps a lot. She would wake up once the guests were leaving, when I was about to sleep.
Sigh -_-.

Another one is that she seems not be able to sleep just any where. She just can have a good sleep in her own crib. That is soo me. I don’t keen of sleeping in any bed,any room.

We will visit dr Liay next Monday insya Allah and hope all is well. Amin.

Donc, joyeaux 3 mois, ma bébe. Keep healthy and happy, dear:*

The best laughter I have ever seen


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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