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Random thoughts

Currently sitting on the sofa after pumping breast-milk. It is 6.30 am now and today is Wednesday. Going to Yamaha at 2 pm. I have been resuming teaching since January. Only for one day.

Langit is still having her morning sleep after bathing. She will wake up soon usually. My morning has been more hectic since last 4 months. But, it is true that more busy makes you more productive and efficient. I am able to do more houseworks when I am alone. Like having spare time to write this.

Lately, when I was breastfeeding Langit and being alone, my thoughts wandered here and there. The silence made me reminisce the days in the past when everyone were still here. The morning when everyone were busy preparing for school and work, had breakfast together in the table and usually on the weekend we even stayed longer and had conversations. Never thought such small routine is very priceless in years later.

Not to say that I am not happy with le husband and Langit, but it might be happier when we just add the member without losing one(s).
Yeah, just my two cents.

Then, hope for a good day today. Amin.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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