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About Being Married

Rarely talk about this. Why now? It is the result of registering in one of mommies forum. Not to share,just like to read those pages.

The first thread I went through was about relationship with husband after being married/having children. I finished all pages within two days. A whole 68 pages with hundreds posts.

So, then it’s true that being married is very far from easy since all those moms shared how their husband changed after a baby. Mostly not in a good way.

Then,another thread was about In-laws talk. There, everything about the in-laws were shared. Again, mostly not in a good way.

It made me feel a bit embarassed. For being so ungrateful (often). At least, I have a husband and all in-laws that I won’t talk about that way in such forum.

It has not been easy at all for these two years. So much hard work, compromising, patience, while it would be still a bit hard for the next two years. I am talking about le husband’s residency.

But, if I looked back, we had been  through lots too. Those things that we didn’t imagine that we could go through safely. Every single thing that I often forget when I was angry to le husband.

Since my head is currently working well, let’s count the major blessings this marriage brings :

– Thank You for giving me such patient, funny, and loveable husband. Although he is messy:/

– Thank You for putting me in such kind family and parents and brothers in-laws and Thank you for not giving me a sister in-law;))

– Thank you for giving me such healthy, funny, adorable daughter through this marriage. I have been living 30 years without her. Being 4 months with her makes me wonder how I can be fine during those 30 years.

So, If someone asks me which one is better between before and after le marriage?

My answer will be : I stand on the right side.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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