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The Fifth Month

Another month to go. It feels like she is no longer a baby. Getting bigger,and mostly getting taller. Dr Cut once said on last visit that Langit Senja had more height than weight increase. Said that she seems likely to be slim. Haha, good girl, this part you should go after your daddy, not me.

Some new abilities acquired such flip her body back and front, raising her head more highly, grab things like her bottle-milk as if she already wanted to drink on her own. The voice is getting louder, and well, so is the crying. Everything about her is funny and adorable, except her crying -_- .

It is also another month to go of having complete exclusive breast-milk. Can’t believe we have done this far, have it done pretty well if I.could say. In spite all of those crazy first two-months, we have made it so far. It is also another month to go when she will start having her first food. I am quite anxious to be honest. Hope it will be smooth or at least, very little drama. Amiiinnnnnn.

Yuhuu Cipi-kun, it has been very much pleasure having you for these 5 months. Stay healthy,happy, pretty, and funny, baby! Sarang haee:*:*:*

You rock,baby! No, I am metal,mummy!
Je t'aime beaucoup,ma belle:)


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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