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MPASI Preparation

I have been reading and taking notes about MPASI lately since Langit will be 6mo in the end of this month Insya Allah. Eventough I had read a lot before, but I keep continuing search many information. I just really need to be sure about what I will give to her.

I also already start looking for my dear mom’s eating stuff and storage (tupperware) so I don’t need to buy what I don’t have Nothing about being stingy, but I don’t see why spending on something that I don’t need and have to. Beside, too many unused things make me headache;)).

I like few mommies whose blog became my favorite references. Mbak Anggi’s ( is my number one favorite. She is a very detailed person and perfectionist. I love her details about MPASI schedules for every month from 6-11 months. May Allah gives her more and more blessings to her and family because I am sure she helps lots of mommies out there through her blog.

Mbak Ira ( is another reference. Altough hers is much simpler, but still it helps me to have other insight and wider suggestion and variation of menu. Overall, both of them suggest pretty same things with slightly differences on menu suggestion and schedule.

The theories have been more than half understood, so we just wait for applying it later and surely I will adjust with our condition. Hopefully,hopefully, Langit will enjoy her meal time. Amin.

Be ready, cipi-kun!

Be more ready, mom! (She said).


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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