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Life at 20 vs 30

On sleeping :
– Wake up when adzan heard from the mosque everyday.
– sleep in almost every spare time, on bed, on the sofa, on the floor while watching TV, in the bus all the way to Bogor, right after arrived at grandma’s home. Everywhere. Seemed like I was living for sleep.

– Wake up so early in the morning or whenever Langit cries or even before fall asleep at all or wake up all day. Almost all day.
– Sleep when every work or house works have been done and only on the sofa. Bed is only for night sleeping. No bed during the day.

On money

– Buy everything anytime I need without having so much thought. Surely there was budget too, but a very flexible one.
– Saving was 70% from salary. I had already had monthly salary since I was 19 right after started teaching at Yamaha.
– Had several bank accounts for different purpose: daily and monthly needs, Hajj and Europe, and pure saving only.

– First three months : jobless as well as totally incomeless. Live by eating the savings.
– Thinking not only twice or thrice to buy something, even for small thing?throughout the weeks or months. The result maybe bought or not at all:))
– Pretty tight budgeting. Langit’s vaccine always come first. Weekend budget is very much depends on Langit’s vaccine price or other compulsory needs. Then the second is le husband’s school. Me? I don’t remember when was the last time I spend money loosely for something that only for me.
– Keep maintaining several bank accounts for different purposes, mine and le husband’s

On work

– Earlier years was enjoying studying while being a part time lecturer, and a piano teacher at the same time till graduated.
– After that, enjoyed working 7 days a week at three different places. Though it was tiring sometimes, but I remembered how I enjoyed teaching at school, teaching piano at music school, and private teaching a belgian expat on Sunday.
– Time, distance, salary, never be a consideration. As long as it was good, I went for it.

And, I was and never will be into career. So what I had and have been doing is working.


– First thing first : location. Only accept one which maximum 10km distance from home and easily reached by car or public transportation.
– Second : time. Part time only. 8-11. Or 12. No longer than that.

After Langit came, no matter where, every places seemed so far. Even that 5-minutes-walking-distance music school. That is why I dropped one at school. Pretty sad but that is really fine. Glad that I decided to drop it.

On dream

– Big three dreams during 20s were : Hajj, Master degree abroad, Eurotrip solo travelling, all before marriage.
– Achieved the first at 28, the second at 27, while the third failed. Maybe God saves it for later. Amin.

– I am almost done with my self except for Europe. But, I won’t mind going with this little family especially with Langit. Maybe it will be so much happier if I have ones to share the happiness of being in the places that I have been dreaming for such a long time. Paris, Barcelona, and any cities in Italy.

20s was surely more carefree, no bill, spent only, low responsibility, and the world seemed to be so kind (at least for me). Then, eventhough I am just only being in my early 30, but the things are pretty much more harder, with so many responsibilities, concerns, consideration, and it will be hard to bear a consequence of having even for a small mistake.

So, kids, if you read this someday, use your 20s well. Work hard, dream high, make it happen, travel far, be tough and you will be very ready to embrace your 30s.

Hopefully, I and your father have enough time to see all those great things happen to you. We surely will work hard to help you with that. When it’s time to stand on your own feet, I hope you will stand firmly. Amin.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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