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The First Complementary Feeding

Langit Senja will turn 6 month next wednesday insya Allah and seems ready for her first food since she has been so eager everytime I eat my lunch in front of her. Poor cipi who only could stare at me with her big eyes;))

Today, I made a decision about her MPASI. I decided to start few days earlier than 27. It wasn’t easy since it was just 5 days to go so she would complete full 6 months of exclusive breast-feeding. But, then after giving lots of thought and consideration, I did it on this Friday, 22nd.

At first, I intended to start on Tuesday, 26th because wednesday is my working day. Begin her very first eating experience is quite something for me and I prefer to do it without rushing. I also decided to start with rice flour. A packaged one.

As I read more and more, my preference also start changing here and there. Then, when we visited the pediatrician yesterday her weight was just increase 200gr in three weeks. Not good at all for me. She has been gaining weight for 600-900 every month before. Her height which has been very good all these months also didn’t change at all from the previous month. Those made me feeling a bit gloomy. It made all the effort feels unpaid and more exhausting.

Then, about a-full-6-months of exclusive breastfeeding, as I think and think more, is it just me and my pride? Giving her formula was obviously worth to wait. But for this one, there were many things which indicate it is better a bit early than later. 5 days different would not harm either me or her.

So the date was finally settled. Then another change was about the rice flour. Instead of buying it, I gave it a try to make it myself. Last week I made my own white-rice flour. It wasn’t that easy and fast but still doable. Currently, I am drying the red-rice too. So we can use it another one than white-rice.

The second change is about what to give first and the frequency. From rice flour and once a day to fruit and twice a day. So, Langit Senja had avocado for her first food in the morning (7.30 am) and rice flour for lunch (1.30 pm). She finished it all. Hoho, good girl!

For avocado, I gave her only one-fourth for the first time. Because, for me it seemed pretty a lot for the first time. Maybe tomorrow I will give her more since she seems like it. Meanwhile, for the rice flour I cooked two eat-spoon and it turned out a bit too much. I also cookee it too fast. After giving her two spoons, I recooked it to make it more edible for her. Honestly, the preparation and post-eating took sometime to do it alone and I still learn how to deal with that.

Looking at this first day, I think it was a very good decision to start today, not Tuesday or Wednesday.
So, that’s it. I will still stick to the same menu for this three days.

Then, the next fruit is my favorite! Wait for it, cipi-kun!;)

Empty plate of avocado


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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