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Eating Rules

It has been almost two weeks since Langit’s first eating. So far, Alhamdulillah we are doing well. On the second week, she started tasting a mixture from fruits and vegetables. She seems have no particular likeness toward the food given, but the good news is whatever I gave her, she finished it. No matter how (I made her do that).

I would not write about what menu she had like others. I had other things I learnt and maybe it is something better to write. There are several rules that I set for myself and her :

1. Feeding only can be done one on one. Me and her and plus one other person is still allowed.

This is very important because when we feed a baby, the more the merrier is not applicable. It only makes the baby being distracted from eating. Then, she will start feeling bored and cranky.

Last week, we had grandma and grandpa during lunch and it was pretty disaster. She seemed confused and to add more, le husband asked me to feed her. After 15 minutes, she started being cranky and others said that she didn’t like the food or didn’t feel like to eat anymore.

Trust me, It was nothing about that. I always try first everything I give her. So,I decided to take her to the kitchen and restarted. Then, she finished it all. Until the last drop.

2. All food should be finished in the time limited. Breakfast and lunch maximum is 40 minutes while mix fruits in the afternoon 20-30 minutes.

Underline the first phrase. It is not about the time first. The more important that she finished the food. So, during the feeding, I also sing, play voices, make funny gestures. On my right hand is spoon while on my left hand is a bowl and a toy altogether. I choose a toy that I can wear on my fingers. The other help is from the cute glass of water. She likes water and the picture on the glass. It works for me during these 2 weeks for three times a meal a day.

3. Sit when the baby eats.
I believe everyone agree about this. No further explanations.

4. Be patient.
Patience is obviously needed in large amount.

5. Be considerate about the baby’s preference, and be creative.

Although she always finishes all the food I made, she is not always fond of everything. When this happens, it needs more efforts to make her finished her plate.

6. Always,always prepare a back-up plan.

Back-up plan means I have more than an option to be given in one meal time. Just in case something happens with the initial plan, I have back-up(s).

There are some of my basic rules. I take eating very seriously. I believe there are three things that parents should never compromise to give it to their children are health, nutrition, and education.

Those three might be pretty expensive and not easy at all. But, we only reap what we sow. The result will be only seen in the long-term. No one would like to receive bad result. Thus, let’s bear the hard work for now. Because, hard work and patience will not betray.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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