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Baby’s daily routines

I always believe that as well as an adult, a baby likes a routine too for daily life. Along these 6 months, Langit also has her routines which I believe hers is following mine.

I always wake up around 3.00- 3.30 am because I have to prepare breakfast before subuh. It has been pretty longtime since I have this habit of having breakfast before subuh. It also inherited from my mum. Then I realize Langit does it too once she is able to sleep overnight.

After having meal three times a day, I set new routine l. As the work load is getting bigger, I really have to manage the time better so I can rest without neglecting the works. It’s been three weeks and it works pretty well. How do I know?
I still can manage to watch korean dramas and prepare her meals from the scratch.

Here is Langit’s time table :
Wake up and having breast-milk

Second breast-milk while watching mom prays and recites Qur’an then listening to Almatsurat on the radio.

Send daddy off to work and having breakfast

Take and play a bath

Morning sleep

Wake-up, having breast milk, play. After this, sometimes she likes having another sleep.


Nap time

Wake-up, having breast milk and play before afternoon meal is ready.

Early dinner

Afternoon bath

17.00 – 19.30
Having breast-milk few times and play and end the day by having last long breast-feeding until fall asleep.

That’s it. It may not always be the same but, it also doesn’t vary much. Thus, I always see the time. I need my rest too. But, I don’t like it if having a rest while there are many things undone.

So, it is proven that taking care a baby alone is pretty doable as long as you stick to the schedule and manage your time well.

This post is written with a clear-head, when Langit is sleeping, and nothing needs preparation for lunch.

A bientôt!


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