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Some thoughts behind the arrival of a new baby girl

Little sister was giving birth to a baby girl last Monday. Her water broke during subuh and taken to the hospital directly. But, unfortunately, in the end, she had to go through c-section since her vagina was only dilated for 4 cm after induction while the water had been broken for hours.

Looking back through the process, comparing what I had been going through and what my sister had, it made me think. A lot.

We might being raised by the same parents at the same house, still we grow up differently. We see the world with an absolute different angle. With all those differences, I am not saying who is better than the other, but it is also obvious that we are given different things to go through.

During pregnancy, I never bought things unnecessarily. Nothing about being stingy, but baby stuffs are surely pricey while we were not on the term that we could spend lavishly. But, maybe, even when I really had the money, I still would not do that.

I am never into things. But, I wouldn’t compromise health. That was why I sticked to Prof for my obgyn even though it was pretty expensive, with all those tests and everything, I paid it all without (much) hesitation. Paid it without insurance.

Me and le husband also had prepared the money just in case we had to go through c-section. I really remembered how it made me pretty worry if I really had to. Even I would do it as long as both me and the baby were fine, but still, it costed a lot.

While little sis had her company as well as her husband company to cover all those obgyn visits fees and all the tests. She shopped a lot. For me, it was a lot. She even still went to mothercare on Sunday evening although she had visited that store several times within a month. I really adore her determination if it is about shopping -___-.

It is quite true the saying ‘it doesn’t matter how you start, it only matters how you end’. I was diagnosed with blood coagulation, had been hospitalized because of little blood on the sixth month, really had to cut teaching hours a lot (which also means cutting the salary), the baby wasn’t in the correct position to have vaginal birth until the end of the eight-month, and so many more. While little sis was going through pretty easy pregnancy. Even the baby’s head was already down from the seventh month.

In the end, the reality was absolutely different. Me, with all of those cases, was giving birth through vaginal birth, within only 6 hours after admitted to the hospital. I even didn’t dare to hope that high.

Arrived at the hospital 1.30 pm, it was already 3 cm. By 3.30, it was 4 cm. By 5 pm it was 7 cm, the water broke 30 minutes later and when it was Maghrib it was all completed and ready for the main show. By 7.30, Langit came.

To add others luck we had, that day, it was totally free. We didn’t pay any single rupiahs for that day. It was written all zero. When I saw the bill with my eyes, really, Allah’s help is surely always near.

Still, it didn’t stop there. As if knowing that I didn’t shop much, Langit’s presents felt like never stopped coming. Until I have to declutter it. It was still coming even after 5 months. Subhanallah. I couldn’ stand too many unused things so I gave it to others who also needed for their baby for free. Hopefully, later Langit will also do this. It is not how much we have, it is how much we give that makes all the difference.

Is it all truly a pure luck? Nope. I don’t believe there is a pure luck. For everything.

I have never had it easy almost in everything in my life,  so I needed to try, work, and pray harder. Really hard until I had in mind that if things that I want really happen, it is surely a miracle. It turns out, those miracles are truly exist. Until today.

If later the situation changes, life is getting better, I really hope this habit stays. Patience, hard work, and sincere prays will never be wasted.

Trials and hardships are probably just some ways for us to see how far can we go, how strong we could bear, and how much we believe in there always be The One that never sleeps and give something more than we could handle.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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