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The Seventh Month

Seven! A favorite number. Everything is still manageable and bearable. Langit has started her solid food for a month. Alhamdulillah, she eats pretty well.

She is now able crawl faster, sit more firm, and her movements are surely make her mum a bit tension. Especially during bath time and changing clothes. I believe the energy released is equal with 30 minutes cardio exercise -__-.

In this seventh month, I realize something that she doesn’t really fancy about other babies but she has been so friendly with adults. Smile and laugh easily. But, almost doesn’t show any interests when meeting another baby. At least, as I observed, both her cousins are not something that she is eager to look at. When we visited Hana at hospital, even when I show Hana really close to her face, Langit didn’t look at little Hana at all. She only stared at my sister.

She is still pretty stingy when it comes about her voice. Unless in two circumstances : when she is sleepy or when she is hungry. Then, she will make some more noises from her mouth.

After started having three meals a day, she doesn’t drink as much as before. Thus, Alhamdulillah when Ramadhan is here I am able to do fasting while breast-feeding.

Let’s keep rocking, Cipi-kun! Sarang-hae:**

Doing TRX at the bouncer


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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