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Ramadan always bring good and heart-warming memories in the past. I really miss how different the house feels. It smells nice.

School was very much better during Ramadan. Less lessons, less hours, more play and no-unifrom. Nice. School here refered to my elementary school. My best Ramadans happened during those elementary years. Even best of the best was there too. The Ramadan when I first fell in love. Haha.

After meeting le husband, Ramadan also brought some different feeling. First Ramadan back in 2002, I remembered wake him up for sahur several times. Others I remembered we were on very bad terms, and if I am not mistaken it was mostly bad terms;))

Slowly, as I grow older, the feeling also has changed. I don’t know why the excitement slowly faded. After 2012, it was even too gloom since we had three losses within a year. This year, although I am trying hard to make the house feels like Ramadan, it still feels different. Maybe it is not thing that made the feeling, it is the people.

I really hope I am able to give Langit the warm feeling Ramadan brings later if once she is older and starts her fasting. I have been never into things and consider they are important, but experience, special ambience, it stays in memory.

You can always visit your happy memories whenever you are feeling down. It is a happy place where you don’t have to spend money, moving around, or make preparations to travel. Just lie down, close your eyes and have a nice journey to the past…


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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