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The Eighth month

Hoaa! The first eight months of Langit Senja’s journey has been soo hmm.. let say wonderful and… tiring, hahaha. What is not to be honest?;))

She has been more and more adorable,fun, and cute. She is able to sit firmly, from crawling to sitting is very quick. She starts standing up and walking slowly. She is able to climb up and stand up in her chair which really scares me. But, she seems does not have no fear. Sigh.

About eating, she starts slowing down. Slowing down means it is not as fast as before, but so far still tolerable. The height and weight are doing good too Alhamdulillah.

Fasting and breastfeeding were also pretty succesful. I missed seven because of the period. My first period after 1,5 years. I have to miss Syawal fasting unfortunately. It is harder to pay for the fast I miss when it is not Ramadan. So far, I got two done.

Back to Langit Senja, she is now enjoying her bath time more after we didn’t have it on the table. Instead, I move it to the back yard. Every bath time she spends longer to play with the water. She likes it a lot.

Well, happy eight month, Cipi-kun. You bring so much happiness beyond words can say. Thank you for being a very good daughter for me. Sarang-hae:*

Look at me!I am standing on my own.
Bathing time with daddy


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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