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Patience ATM

I wish there is one. With unlimited amount and auto refill. So I can withdraw it whenever I need it, as much as I can. The more we withdraw, the more it refilled. I wish I will just simply press a button in my body then the patience will flow through my head and heart.

When Langit is being unusually cranky, it tests my patience a lot. I am maybe pretty far from what you call nice. To everyone. Even one of my best friend’s boyfriend said that I was too straightforward, in term that he didn’t really fond of it.

The consequences of being impatient are not pleasant too. The baby is getting louder and seems even more cranky. While for me, it is the guilty feeling after sometime. It feels uneasy to be angry to your baby. Feels like I am not capable enough even after all the things I have been done (alone):'(. Sounds like I am saying that I have been doing that much, eh? Whatever.

I am currently writing this with the guilt after last night. Langit is currently doing thawaf in her play yard. Yes, she is able to circle from one side to another side now.

See that happy face 🙂

I love you, Cipi-kun.  Have a lot of patience with me ya. I will try hard to boost mine:oops:


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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