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MPASI Updates

It has been three months since Langit has started eaten. So far so good. Good here doesn’t mean without any difficulties. I don’t believe a baby can eat without any dramas.

She has been a good eater. Finished almost everything given to her. Since three weeks ago, she started having real porridge and it has been a week since we rarely use a blender because she is able to chew the food well. Alhamdulillah.

She now often eats the food made for the adults too. Like fish, chicken, or meat. Only I add some ketchup if it is too spicy. We also have three times meal a day now, but the last one is pretty flexible. Other than rice, I served macaroni with chicken/meat and vegetables then put some cheese. She can finish it within half an hour or less.

The fruit is given in the morning between breakfast and lunch and I still stick to avocado and manggo. The good news is I no longer have to blend it anymore. So I just cut it and she eats it. Super yay! After maghrib before sleeping she has either biscuits or pudding. But it is not everyday, just occasionally.

Why does sound so easy? Says who. I had been dealing with a-pause-chewing food phase for weeks. So she just let the food inside her mouth unchewed. When it usually took 30-40 minutes to finish all, that phase became almost 1,5 hours. I was tired and she was cranky. Another one is eating and crying all together. It often happened in the afternoon meal. Until now, among the three meals, afternoon meal is one that I choose more carefully with smaller portion.

I have been training her to eat cookies by holding it by herself and using fork to eat some food like fried potato that had been cut in dice size or fruits.

I don’t do what they call BLW. I don’t see it suits me (and my time). What important for me is she gets what her body needs from the food. I believe when it comes the time she is ready to eat by herself, she will do it and I will help her to do it. But not now.

So far, she said yes to any semur, food with coconut milk, and soup. She was confused with sayur bening, haha! When the taste doesn’t really suit her, she opens only half of her mouth;))

I am grateful that she has been able to receive anything without any allergies indications. Hope she will continue to eat well. Amiin.

I am really enjoying this delicious sagu keju!


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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