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About feeding

Lately, half of my energy went to this thing called feeding. For this one thing, I had to give up several things so I could concentrate about this. Things I really like such having an aerobic exercise on Thursday, just because it didn’t go well with this feeding schedule.

Comparing to other moms stories, maybe Langit is slightly better since she almost never refuse the food that I serve for her. I remembered few of that she refused back then, but never directly refused. She would try some until she couldn’t take it. Another good thing is she rarely doesn’t finish her plate. For this one, I also really push and insist to finish what have been served until the last spoon.

BUUUTTT, all that is not easy. I have to think 1001 ways to make it. That is why I think, beside love and war, all is fair too in feeding a baby.

What I don’t mostly like about feeding because it is messy, and emotionally draining. During feeding, I also did some works like picked up every small rice that fell on the floor. I hated the way the rice would stick in the feet when others stepped on it. Only ones that fell on the floor?


I also cleaned those left on the chair, on the toys, on everything that we used during the feeding.
Other than that, I also did singing, playing kastanyet, tamborine, and any possible things that could keep her on her seat. It has been harder lately since she started learning to walk. So, she pushed me to take her out of her seat and move her either to the floor or stand up while holding on my sitting body.

No wonder I always feel so exhausted once the feeding is finished -___-.

But then, no matter how hard it takes, I will still do it every single day. Why? Because I consider it as one of the three most important things that my child deserves from her parents. As stated on my previous post, I believe that good nutrition, health, and education are the three things that every parents should give to the children in order to let them live well, not only for current being, also for long-term. So, those three things become the major reason why we have to work hard.

It makes me also become inflexible when it comes to feeding. Inflexible means I don’t allow others to take it lightly like saying Langit didn’t like the food or she had enough when seeing her being a bit cranky while eating. Or else when we wanted to go somewhere, it had to be done according to her meal time. No such thing like we went first, or she could eat later once we arrived at our destination.

Sorry, it is a BIG NO.

Better being late or cancel it than going without she finished her meal. I won’t deal with feeding when we were out.

On her 10 months to be, she has three big meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and early dinner. She has also fruit snacks between breakfast and lunch and sometimes after dinner or altogether with dinner. So, practically, I have this feeding battle at the very least three times a day.

What makes it paid-well is when the result of those hard work show through her good health and when those people acknowledge it when they see her. That is good enough for me.

Well, hopefully, we can continue doing well. Amin.




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