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About travel souvenirs

Last week, brother-in-law came home from Manchester after pursuing master degree there. So we came to her wife parents house to say hello. He gave me a souvenir plate from Liverpool.

When I told le husband asked him why brother didn’t bring any chocolate or english biscuits or tea from Harrods, or scottish short bread, or something similar but a souvenir plate instead? Then le husand answered,

” oh, he gave you that? No wonder, he really loved that kind of souvenir, he bought it from every places he visited.”

The answer made me realize something. People will give to others something that they really love. At least, they will spend their money on something that they like. It goes same for me.

For me, that something is food.

My family has been eating home food most of the time. My mother is one of the best cook I’ve ever known. She almost could cook everything, deliciously. We take eating seriously. She was the one who introduced us to wide varities of food taste.

When we traveled we tried so many local foods. And when it comes to gifts, we surely gave kind of food to our grandma, aunties, and others.

My mum once brought six different kind of cheese when she came back from short course in Bretagne. She also brought tuna can in several different cute cans. When I was studying abroad, during my holiday and visited home, all that my family told me to bring home wad food. My mom asked me to bring five packs of five different flavor of White Town Coffee, Biscuits, Yoghurt, Garlic Spread, etc. The most epic one was, I brought three plastic full of indian curry with its roti canai. Yes, we were that passionate about food.

So, it makes sense that sometimes souvenirs are useless from the point of view of the receiver. Because they might not like what they receive. My sister almost never use the souvenirs that her mother in law gave her, which are clothes, which I also found it unwearable. Simply because it doesn’t fit her at all. The style, colour, pattern. Well, hm, a bit old and cheesy?;))

That is why food is always the safest choices. Who would throw away a box of good chocolate or a box of delicious cookies? And why Idul Fitri hampers mostly come with food? Because food is something we can share with everyone at home. Everyone can enjoyn it together. While we can’t do that with other things.

Good food is always comforting and makes everyone happy. Do you know that the taste of food is the best memory keeper? That is why people always seek the food that reminds them of their childhood. Of course, the happy one.

So, if someone goes somewhere and ask me what to bring home, my answer has always been the same.

I enjoy eating good food:)


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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