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The Eids

We’re going to celebrate Eid al-adha tomorrow. So, today we are having Arafah fasting as the pilgrims are doing Wukuf.

The Eids always bring some warm and happy feeling. Although it’s getting less and less happier as I grow older, but yet, it is still here. I had a very good memories about Eids. Back in childhood, eid meant new clothes, towel, mukena, bed sheet, even underwears. Those were coming in such lovely scent, the scent of my mum cupboard.

Also it meant Eid cookies too. When my mum was still here, we had five compulsory cookies that should be present for Eid, especially Eid Al-fitri, and another cake. Those five were chocolate chip, kaastengel, almond cookies, sagu keju, and nastar. All was home made cookies. For the cake, it has been always a black forest.

Both those Eids were also a-cleaning-up-the house mood booster. As the Eids were approaching, the house started being cleaned up. Although it was the same house, I loved the house 100 times better during the night of Eids. It was clean, tidy, and so lovely.

I really hope to be able to give Langit the same experience as I had. I really had perfect childhood Ramadhan and Eids memories. They were the best days of the year. Much better than a birthday.

More than any gifts that you received, happy memories will last for a lifetime. It gives you strength to keep going and surviving the bad times.

Happy Eid al-adha!


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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