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The Eleventh, Thirtieth, and Thirty-first

It’s one special post since I’m combining three numbers in one post.

Le husband and I share the same month for our birthday by five days interval. By next week insya Allah, I’ll turn 31, the following week le husband will turn 30 and the little baby will be eleven months old.

Langit has been improving a lot since last month. Crawling faster, grabbing and throwing things, and she started eager learning to walk. She is also getting engaged to her toys and exploring it. She actually has only few toys since I am pretty petty when it comes to toys, beside I am lazy. Lazy to tidy it up when she finishes playing.

In speaking, she still hasn’t uttered any words, but she is making more and more (funny) sounds. But, she has already recognized when someone call her name, she will directly turn her head.

Something concern me lately about Langit’s first birthday. Honestly, I am not really into a birthday party. More, a birthday party like those which I often see on the internet. I have several reasons to not to do it.

First, I am not sure whether I can prepare it alone. I won’t expect anyone else to help me even le husband since his schedule is pretty uncertain and tight. Then, others can say, just hire some people to help. Who? The party planner? That will become my second reason, we have no enough budget for this.

The third reason, there’s almost no other babies and kids to be invited other than two babies cousins from my sister and le husband’s brother. So, what’s the point of having a children party when the babies even don’t get it.

Instead, I intend to take others to have lunch out to a good restaurant. It is especially dedicated to those who have been so much help along this first tough year. We three won’t be able to make this far and this good if it is not because of others’ help. So, I want to sincerely say thank you, although merely a lunch will never be able to repay all those kindness we receive.

Well, let see whether my intention will work according to my plan.

For now, Happy eleven months, baby-kun! I love you big time:*

See how sok tau this baby, climbing, grabbing, while squatting
Eatung styles from the beginning until the end


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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