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MPASI Updates 2

Here are some of updates of Langit’s eating experiences after five months starting her first food :

1. Eating is went well, alhamdulillah. Not easy at all, but still manageable.

2.  Eating Rules are still applicable. All those five rules are truly my principle of bearable feeding.

3. Langit has been mostly eating what the adults eat for the last two months. Only the texture needs a little bit adjustment.

4. Her food is nothing fancy like Salmon or any expensive ingredients. She eats what is available. Meat, chicken, any kind of fish like bandeng, tongkol, tuna, kakap, gurame, nila, even cuek. Yes, you read it right, ikan cuek. All is good.

5. Tofu or tahu is almost always available and be present in everyday meal at least once.

6. Compulsory fruit is Avocado. Given between breakfast and lunch. The other fruits are replacable such as mango, papaya, melon. Those are given together during breakfast before she eats her main course.

7. The last meal the day is flexible. It’s either fish tofu porridge, macaroni chicken cheese, or sweet potato oatmeal. Usually, it comes with a glass of orange squash if it is available.

8. I don’t do BLW. Almost never.

9. Glad no allergic signs appears until now.

10. My patience has been so much upgraded.

Keep fighting!


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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