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Books Adventure

I used to read and buy lots of books. Bookstore had been my favorite place to go and to spend my money since I was little. Well, I am still little now, but also older.

My reading adventure began at the third grade of elementary. My first love was Girl Talk which I borrowed from a friend. I fell in love in an instant with Sabrina, Katie, Randy, and Allison. I felt like having new (imaginary) bestfriends and a whole playground for my self.

After one book, I went to the bookstore to buy the next series. For few years, I was religiously waiting its next books. The excitement of visiting bookstore and saw the newest serial was there were one of the happiest childhood memories.

Along with Girl Talk, also came several serials like The Babysitter Club, Sweet Valley Kids-High. Enid Blyton serials were a must read too. From Malory Towers, The Twins who went to girls boarding school which I forgot the title, and The Naughty Girl. Oh! Just googled it. It was St Claire’s, the school of the twins.

Little House series were on my favorite lists too. I had complete sets of it. From the first book until the last. I treasured this one a lot. Only few I think who read this one. If you went to the bookstore, you wouldn’t find it easily unless you really looked for it.

Went up to junior high school, my aunt introduced me to Agatha Christie’s. My first encountered was with And Then There Were None and I fell in love once again. I started reading other Agatha Christie books my aunt had. Amongst my favorite were The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Crooked House, and of course the last case of Hercule Poirot, Curtain.

After Agatha Christie’s, I stopped buying new books since I didn’t find any books which captured my interest. Then, Harry Potter came on my senior high school years. It felt so great to be back. Reading a new good book and the best part was it had few series so it gave me something to be waited for. I collected all Harry Potter series both English and Indonesian versions.

It was on the second year of high school when I first met le husband and book was the first thing we had in common. Mine and his were totally different. His were those books which I found not interesting, well, at first. He introduced me to Ayu Utami’s Saman and Larung and Pramoedya’s Bumi Manusia series. I liked the latter much better. Ayu Utami wasn’t and will never be my favorite. I was never into it, although I couldn’t say I liked Pramoedya’s much too. Those were not my cup of tea. But, since he insisted, I had all those four books. The power of liking someone. Hahaha.

During my college years, Dee Lestari’s Supernova came. Although it was already available since my high school years and le husband had already suggested me reading it. But, after his suggestions on Ayu Utami’s and Pramoedya, I prefered not following. Sorry, Yobo.

I didn’t start Dee’s with the first one. I fell in love first with her third one, Petir. Elektra was my favorite character. Then, I red Akar and Ksatria, Putri, dan Bintang Jatuh. I didn’t all Dee’s book. Other than Supernova, I like her Perahu Kertas better.

After Dee’s, I met Ika Natassa’s. Again, it wasn’t the first book also, but her second, Divortiare. I loved Divortiare. It was fun, witty, and very-well written. I also read other books from her but nothing impressed me much. I haven’t checked her newest one, Critical Eleven.

This one is my last favorite but obviously not the least, Ilana Tan. I love her season series very very much. Summer in Seoul, Autumn in Paris, Winter in Tokyo, and Spring in London, I had all those four. Once again, I didn’t start with the first one but the second one. To be honest, this Ilana Tan’s series deserves another post about this. Maybe later. She just released a new book, Once in a Blue Moon and I haven’t read it.

Other than those ones above, I read several good books such Tony Parsons’, Little Women series, Laskar Pelangi Tetralogy and several books without series. I really love book series. That is also why I prefer dramas than movies.

Book series and dramas give me something to be waited for. It give me a chance to learn from characters intensely and slowly. You begin develop feeling for something or someone when you have daily or regular encounter with them. Then you’re getting engaged and after sometime you may married to the characters without you realize it

Along the journey, it enriches your minds, gives joy to your soul, and once you fall, the good ones stay in your heart forever.

May the good books always be with us. 


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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