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Baby’s Sleeping

Writing this at 5 am while Langit is still sleeping. Talk about sleeping, I often heard others were being surprised when I told them Langit always sleep in her own crib, and more in a separate room.

She starts sleeping by herself from the very first day at home. She sleeps in the same crib as I did 30 years ago. Yes, 30 years ago. The crib is nothing like small crib, but a big jati wooden one, that you can continue using it until so many years after. I remembered I was still sleeping there during elementary school.

Alhamdulillah, she has been comfortable on her own crib. Until this one year, not a single night she spend the night sleep other than on her crib. This is one thing that I am really grateful for. I like having a good night sleep after a long-tiring day, and it’s been comfortable to sleep peacefully without worrying about the baby.

Not only for me, Langit seems agree with me. She can’t sleep (for too long) other than on her own bed. Since 4 month old, she has been able to sleep through the night and you know how babies are doing while sleeping. They move everywhere,from here to there, and the bed will be very messy. Since she sleeps on her own crib, it’s very safe. I don’t have to worry about her falling down from the  bed.

This is also an advantage once she started standing and walking. Few these months, before calling us that she wakes up, she will play by herself inside. She goes around the crib, playing with the Pooh, the bolsters, the sheet, even kelambu. She will call me when she is bored and the bed is already at its finest messiness -___-.

The only one who longs to sleep together in one bed is le husband. He really likes to bring Langit to.our bed and end up sleeping by himself while the baby is still playing around. That is how the reality is different from the expectation.

On this eleven months, she sleeps once after breakfast or morning snack, after lunch, and the night sleep around 7-8. Before feeding, sleeping was something that I was being really strict about. Up until 6 months old, she rarely went outside. When I had something to attend to, it would do according to her sleeping time. When guest were coming, I wouldn’t allow them to wake her up for the sake of their want to play with her. Even to my mother in-law.

Why? It took so long until she fell asleep. Long breastfeeding and it was exhausting. I needed to recharge until the next waking time came. It wasn’t funny to play with a baby whose mother put lots of effort to make her sleep. The guest would leave once they finished playing, and what about me? I should repeat the whole process from the very start, all by myself. Wasn’t it a bit cruel?

But, recently, I have been very much flexible, especially during daytime. Like yesterday, when my in-laws came and she just slept for 15 minutes after lunch  I allowed them to wake her up to play. It was because I knew she would sleep again later. And it was true.

Well, that is all. It’s 6.30 already and I still haven’t heard any sound. I starts feeling anxious since it’s late and I haven’t even started my first battle in the morning. Sigh.

Bonne journée!


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