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A battle To Win

This one is written when the heart and mind are not in its best shape and mood. This will be a long whining post which will make me look so ungrateful, selfish, and maybe a very bad mother. But, who cares?

I am someone with so little patience. In spite of those things I had written about this and that which look like such cool parenting advices, trust me, no theories can be easily applied when you are facing the real battle. So does it in parenting.

I really feel sorry about this little baby for having such an impatient mother. I won’t give any excuses to make me look better as well as give any explanations how good my daughter is. Instead, I will clearly say the truth of how I feel about this.

Motherhood is no joke. It’s tiring, emotionally draining, head and heart-aching, less sleeping, lots of works, demanding, high pressure, no definite break time and the best part of it, no resigning.

If this one is being considered as a job, I don’t know how to put a price tag on this thing. I don’t know what number would be good enough to pay someone to do such job.

Guess I really needs some space and time to think clearly. As for now, I’ll keep reading those texts le husband sent me to keep me sane.



It made me feel even worse because he said all the truth.

It’s a very tough battle to win, on the rough road to walk.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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