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What November Brings

It brings a lot.


From the best till the worst. The happiest and the saddest. All unforgetable moments happened here on this month. November brought back all those precious moments in the past.

It was on November when le husband came to my parents to personally told them that he had a serious intention and relationship with me and wished to get married within a year. Which he had his wish rejected, of course.

It was three days after the meeting and I received the offer letter from UPM stated I had been granted a seat for master degree in Faculty of Education. Thus, it was on November when my life plan changed into the opposite way. Instead of preparing a marriage, I was preparing to go abroad.

It was another November when I had the greatest trip of a lifetime. Spent three weeks in the most beautiful city in the world, doing what every moslems in the world long for, Hajj in Mecca (and others area nearby).

It was on November, when I felt so gloomy facing the wedding day within a month while had been staying at the hospital everyday, took care of my sick mum. Even thinking to postpone the wedding day.

And, it was the last day, last Friday on November, the day when my mum was gone. It was a rainy, dark afternoon. Even the sky knew and mourned with me.

Two years later, November once again gave me another surprise. It was the same last Friday, although it’s not the last day, the day Langit came. So far, it was the best thing that November brought to my life. Although, days after that day, shall we say, hm, very hard? Hehe.

Those above are only several that come to my mind everytime November comes. November is also the time when autumn starts. I am gonna make another best thing to remember on this month in the future, insya Allah.

I will go and have my first autumn in Paris.

Someday, I really will.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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