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Unfavorite Food

I grew up in a family who loved eating and almost none of us are a picky eater. My mom once said that, at first my dad was one, but after few years of marriage, he started eating nicely. Yes, eating what you have been served, that is nice.

Then, I met le husband. This person is one of the best picky eater I’ve ever known. He doesn’t eat so many kinds of food. Let’s name it. He doesn’t like small fish like teri, cuek, ikan asin, kembung. He doesn’t like lots of vegetables. He doesn’t like food with coconut milk. Soo many restrictions until I arranged the daily menu at home based on what? His night shift schedule at the hospital.

Then, what about Langit? Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful about this, until today, Langit shows no signs of being a picky eater like his dad. She really eats everything. Everything I serve to her, she eats it all, even maybe she doesn’t really like it.

But, it also makes hard to answer the question about her favorite food. To be honest, I don’t have any certain answer either. She literally opens her mouth when someone show food in front of it and eat it;))

Recently, I observe something and found out something that I can be pretty certain about the answer. It’s something that she dislikes.
At the beginning of her MPASI, I once or twice give these food and I remembered she was strongly rejected it. Then, few days ago, I served these once again, and it turned out the same. She finished the food, but it took pretty long time to finish it. And don’t forget about that expression on her face. As if she really suffered a lot.

What are those unlucky ones?

Egg and banana.

Any kind of egg, whether it is scrambled, sunny side-up, or the boiled egg.

I once remembered during her first days of MPASI, I gave her mix fruit of banana and orange, and it was a disaster. She cried out loud. Even after trying to finish it several times, it failed.

Just these few days, I give a banana once a day and she eats it well. Until today, she totally refuses it. Maybe she said ” I have been patient, mom. Stop it.”.

I won’t stop giving those two or other food that she might dislike in the future. I will just give it occasionally. Life is just not about something that we like, isn’t it? Sometimes we just have to chew and swallow all those bitterness.

Beside, what is there not to be loved about egg and banana?

I love it both.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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