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The Golden Rule

My mum once said I have always been someone who go with the rules. And I almost agree. I 95% live by the rules and schedules actually.

That explains a lot why I almost never skipped any classes during school, courses, and everything I joined. It gives me assurance to have certain schedule each day and knowing what to do, then be prepared for it.

That also explains why I don’t love surprises. Even for birthday gift. I prefer saying it in advance what I really want as presents. No money wasted for something I don’t like or need. Both parties are happy, aren’t they?

It goes same when we talked about seeing someone. As I do to my birthday presents, I have been already set and firm about what kind of man that I really want to date. I set the criteria first. I don’t do trial and error. Not when it deals with someone feeling.

That again explains a lot why I didn’t date anyone, except le husband. Yep, no ex-boyfriend(s). Haha. You’re lucky, Yobo. I rejected straight away those ones who once or more than once,  asked me for dating, simply because I was so sure that my brain and heart were not compatible with theirs.

Since the very first time I received that kind of declarations back in junior high, I rejected it (almost) all. I had someone I liked before le husband so I didn’t feel I had to deal with others. I am pretty good at doing multitasking, except this kind of task.

I wouldn’t waste my time to take care someone’s feeling just because I couldn’t say no so I wouldn’t hurt him. I think liking someone is one’s right, but how we will get the response is not ours. It’s the other party’s right and we have to deal with it. 

Another thing is, I almost never change my first answer. Once I say no, you can be sure it will be no forever. Of course it goes same with yes. Although I might change to no in the middle, it’s actually always been yes. In the end, it must be a yes.

This post is dedicated for little daughter. We might have lots of different opinions about many things, dear. But, can you spare me this one thing?

Don’t deal with someone’s feeling when you know right away you won’t be good with him.

How do you know?

Your brain and heart will directly recognize whether what he has will be compatible  with yours or not.

Trust them.

And of course, trust me.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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