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The Thirteenth Month

The month post is back!

Well, I don’t know if a month can bring so many differences in one little child. Langit has acquired lots of new abilities which are pretty surprising for me. In a goos way, of course.

She is getting better and better in walking. Before this, she preferred crawling to go from one spot to another, even the shortest distance. Recently, she starts walking like from kitchen to the terrace. For some short distances she can walk few steps by herself. Although she still hold on to something , yet it’s a very good progress.

Another one is using her hands to express something like shake hand and waving. I have been teaching her about shake hand and kiss the back of others’ hand. So, my sentence has been ” shake hand, salim”. Out of nowhere, after lots of training, now she really understand if someone give the hand in front of her, she directly took the hand and doing ‘salim’. Haha, good girl!

About talking, she is able to say like ma ma ma ma or ba ba ba and ya ya ya and other several sounds that I am not really sure what. Sowry baby, I am no good in interpreting toddler talks.

Other thing that also seems new is reading a book. These days, whenever I put her in the play yard,she will take one the book there. I put one board book for number 1-10, A Very Hungry Caterpilar, and a folded Winnie The Pooh book. And what makes it funny is the way she opens and reads the book seriously. I once fell asleep on the couch for few minutes. Suddenly woke up and panicked since it was very quiet. I thought she was being somewhere unsafe and no sound heard. Then I saw her on the play yard. Quietly reading while half sleeping and leaning on the big pillow. Like a boss.

When it comes to feeding, haha, we’re doing well and unwell. She starts being pickier about what kind of taste that she will happily eat. Too sweet or just sour will make the food stay forever in her mouth, while too spicy will end up on the floor. My patience and treshold on feeding has surely been very much upgraded, until I saw her spill out the food out of her mouth right. It felt so much worse than seeing her keeping the food on her mouth too long. Big sigh. Feeding is still a big issue for me.

Breastfeed is still going well, Alhamdulillah. She also starts having UHT milk daily. Not much, just 100 ml maximum. Maybe not a lot of people know about this so I often heard babies are having allergy toward UHT milk. I thought like that too at first, since after taking it several times, Langit slept unwell. It turned out that, for the beginning, it is recommended to mix it with water first. UHT alone is too heavy for the baby who has never tasted any milk other than breastmilk. We call it ‘mahteg’ here. After mixing it with water and heat it before drinking, Langit seems enjoying it well. She only wants drinking it through glass. Not a sippy cup or bottle. The real glass. Me happy. No need to wash bottle and its printilan.

People watching and self sunbathing

I am so tall! Supported by a big pillow

Guess that’s all for now. We’ll see you next month, hopefully with more new advance updates Insya Allah.
Au revoir!


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