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Family Trip : Introductions

There’s always the first time for everything. In few days insya Allah, we’re having our first family trip together. Yes, after a year since Langit came, we finally will go somewhere. Where to?

Abroad? No.

Out of town? No.

Oh!then Puncak or Bogor? Still no:)

We’re having staycation in Jakarta. Just for one night only,hehehe.

Since le husband is fully booked during holiday and all weekends, one night is already good enough. Even with that, we’ll be going after he finished his shift and the day after we go home, he will have another shift. No complaints, though. Hm, actually,the complaints had been done already.

The hotel we choose to stay has to be the one with kids pool. The very first purpose of this staycation is to try Langit’s new swimsuit. She has never been near to swimming pool anymore after a nightmare in one of the famous baby spa near home. Having such a lazy mommy like me just make another reason why she hasn’t been swimming since then.

This also will be Langit’s first night out. She has never been sleeping out of her crib before. Even in my bed. It’s not that I don’t allow her, but she really can’t sleep well unless it’s on her crib. So, this one is also another trial.

Other than Langit herself, this trip will be my first too with a little kid. So, I am having a higher level of fussiness than the usual. No matter what people said, told me to be more flexible since it’s holiday and I should enjoy it, I still won’t go easy with this.

I couldn’t be relax if I don’t prepare well. Or too well. Having experience a lot of family vacations with my family in the past, I learned how my mum prepared everything in details.

Well, sorry if this one sounds boring, but I guess I can’t talk about anything without having my mom mentioned.

We, my family, have this one habit that some people think this is a bit weird : having breakfast before subuh. So we’re just like doing sahur everyday. Before subuh prayer, we have warmed our tummy with a glass of tea or coffee and a piece of bread, or slice of cake, or one piece of fried banana, just anything.

We brought this one daily habit also when we traveled. Although we mostly stayed in a hotel with breakfast included, we also brought our own sachet drinks like instant coffee, chocolate drink, or teh tarik and a loaf of bread or any kind of cake.

Other than that, basic cutlery were also joined us. We brought five tupperware plates, five plastic glasses, and several spoons. Why? When we traveled too long, we couldn’t keep eating outside. After several day, we would surrender and choose to eat rice and abon instead. Of course, Abon was another compulsory thing to be brought.

As the cutlery was going on holiday too, we also brought a wash dishes soap, the brush, and the napkin to dry the dishes. Sounds rempong enough? Wait, you haven’t heard the most important one.

It’s travel cooker. The most must-have item during traveling. Our old travel cooker has been traveling to many places, domestic and abroad. Much more than my self do. It has been to England, France, Austria, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, and its very last trip was Saudi Arabia during Hajj 2013.

We used this to cook rice or noodles, boiling egg or water, or heating any fluid we want to eat. I survived my master abroad by using this everyday to cook rice. If you travel often, you should consider to buy one.

Then, what about now? Again, my most prepared area is about Langit’s meal. I plan to bring her own food. Since we’ll stay at a apartment hotel room which has kitchen inside, I don’t think travel cooker is needed this time. But, let’s see later.

I’ve been preparing Langit’s stuff and mine eventhough it’s still few days to go. My brain has never been stop thinking about anything. Vacation preparations are surely one of the most exciting part of holiday.

So, that’s my long introduction about family trip. Hopefully, this most awaited trip will go smoothly. Amiiin!

See you on the next updates!


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