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(First) Family Trip : Result

So, how was the most awaited trip going? Hm, it was fine.

Fine? It sounds like a polite translation of not pleasant, below expectation, and other verbs which describe unsatisfaction.

Well, maybe. I will just tell about an overall situation of the trip.

We arrived at the hotel around 5.10 pm. When we entered the lobby, it was a bit full and fortunately le husband’s brother had done all rooms check-in. So off we went to the 12th floor.

The ‘fine’ started right after I opened the door and saw the pretty messy room. It turned out that only our room that had been ready. While the other one was still being cleaned. Since it is holiday, so the cleaning took longer than usual.

I used to do staycation with my family and one of the excitement moment for me was when we saw the room for the first time. The nice scent, the clean bathroom, and my favorite was the tidy bed.

But, what I saw when we entered the room was messy kitchen, bags everywhere, food opened here and there, and the one that made me want to cry was the messy bed with the people lying there. Totally heart-breaking. Really.

Although it’s not just other people, but still, it was dissapointing. My mood had turned directly to the lowest level seeing the bed being that messy. Exaggerating? Whatever.

Thankfully, after maghrib the other room was ready. After it was clear, I did some cleaning to make it a bit closer to the room I was expecting. But still, it was heart-breaking everytime I saw the messy bed. (Bed again? Yeah, bed again and again).

Langit was pretty happy about having a large bed where she can rolled here and there. Also, the spacious room allowed her to walk and fall all the time. Seeing her happily laugh and play cured the bed mood a bit. Bed mood, you read it right.

As I expected, the first time she slept out wouldn’t be too smooth. She woke up several times at night and I kept breastfeeding.  She woke up often until 4 am then instead of sleeping longer, she just totally woke up. Another ‘fine’ for me since no sleep extension after subuh.

Breakfast was also fine. Nothing was extraordinary. Having staycation during holiday season  should make you expect  at the very least the kids crowded. The fact I have one too, this one seemed truly fine.

Well, i think that is all for my ‘fine’ first family trip. For the next ones  I think I prefer having the trip with only three of us. Gonna write about the place where we stayed later.

Greeting from my tired body after unpacking. Happy holiday!


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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