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No Medecine (Urgently Needed)

Disclaimer : this one will be very subjective and depends much to one’s preference or experience.

I have been having minimal encountered with any medecines since few years ago. From the common one like paracetamol until the specific one like asthma since I am the one with it.

The decision to stop taking medecine began when I started observing my self. When the asthma came, the more I used the inhaler, the longer it took to completely healed. Inhaler stopped the asthma for a while, But it made me breath even harder not too long after using it. It was getting worse each time I used it.

When I decided to stop, I went with Vicks Vaborup and hot water with honey. A lot of water with honey for days, even weeks. Until it was totally healed. It wasn’t easy, took time, but for me, it was very much a better way. The two last inhalers I bought, just in case, ended up unsealed until its expired time.

When it comes to Langit, I do the same thing. For these thirteen months, Alhamdulillah Langit has not tasted any medecine, even for fever. She has surely been sick once or twice, but, as I do to myself, when it comes to take medecine, the first thing to do is : I’ll wait.

Instead of medecine, I prefer improving her meals and fluid intake. I breastfeed more often, eventhough it means more waking hours at night, I prefer that way than giving her paracetamol, if the fever is not that high, and she seems still fine.

She has been having diarrhea these past three days and it made me worry, hm,a lot. It must have been from something she ate at home. Since she didn’t take any meal outside other than what is given at home, so more or less, it was my mistake.

The very best thing from her that have been helping me a lot is she never rejects any food. Not during teething, fever, even diarrhea. She eats normally. Same frequencies, same amounts. My homework is to choose carefully what to be given.

Other than the meals, there are two things are compulsory during any sickness. First thing that I always do is breastfeeding more often. Or you can say very often. The second after breastfeeding is water intake. I keep offering her drinking bottle eventhough maybe she is not thirsty at all.

For diarrhea, one thing that helped me a lot was banana. I changed all snacks to banana. So far, she had eaten three bananas before the diarrhea stopped coming. Alhamdulillah.

So, does it mean I will never give her any medecine when she is sick? Bien sur, jamais dit jamais. I will give her the medecine or visit the doctor WHEN she refuse to be breastfeed and have no appetite because of the sickness. Oh, when she shows any signs of unactiveness. Three days of having diarrhea, she didn’t stop climbing, jumping, or walking around. This signs gave me more confidence about delaying medecine or went to the doctor.

In the end, what works for me, might not be working for others. Thus, trust your motherly instinct with non-stop worrying so that way you’ll keep searching for answers to give the best treatments for the baby.

One small thing, trust your baby. She will show you the signs to make your best decision.


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