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Heyho, New Year!

Here’s another year to come. Until the fourth day, it’s been not too exciting. The asthma is currently here, Langit has runny nose for several days and le husband is busy being the new chief in residency.

What’s the plan for this year? To be honest, no big grand plan. Just some small plans here and there. Doesn’t we sound too lazy?  I am afraid yes:(

That is why the clearest thing we have in short time is having Langit joining a baby class. Combination of busy father and introvert mother like us will make Langit rarely meeting other people. Thus, I need something to push me out of our cave which gives a greater benefit than merely spending money for fun. The class will start on the next April insya Allah.

Le husband starts his chiefing period for the next six months. He’s been busy till he can’t let the phone out of his hand even for a while. This chiefing period will also the highest stage one could be in residency. Somehow, I can’t believe we’re really here.

Me? I’ve been busy daydreaming and watching korean drama. Okay, for the real thing, I’ve been doing some new activity for Langit at home. Toilet training. It’s nothing much yet but at least we’ve started. We skipped potty seat because it didn’t work well. So instead a potty, I use toilet seat directly. It works better. At first, she cried whenever I put her there. But now, she seems understand that she can sit comfortably and have me cleaned her.

Personal plans are not too much. I want losing weight and gaining more money. Sounds uninteresting? No problem. For me, both are not easy. I am weak to the good food which we have a lot here while leaving Langit for more working days still sounds too scary for me. It’s not the leaving time, but more to before and after working. It’s all self-doing.

Then, hope this year brings more blessings and more enjoyable ride. Amin.

Bonne année!


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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