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Reply 1988

I like watching korean drama. Since many years ago. My first drama was Winter Sonata. Thus, I have been always Choi Ji Woo fans. But, I never ever once write about any dramas either in my daily journal or in this blog despite how good a drama is. But, yeah, never say never. I will break the record now. For the first time after fourteen years watching korean drama, I really want to write about this one.

Reply 1988 is one of the greatest drama I have ever seen. It’s very special in so many ways. The heart-warming story, the strong chemistry, the funny jokes, the enviable friendship, the warm families, and of course the adorable love triangle.

It is even more special because it has longer duration than any usual dramas. Every episode is aired for one and half hours. It’s quite long for two days drama a week, but even with such duration, I still can’t get enough of it every week.

It tells story about five families in Ssangmung dong, Seoul with the setting of the year 1988. From five families, the children also make friends and these four boys and a girl had been very close since they were little. Duk Seon, Jung Hwan, Sun Woo, Dong Ryong, and Taek were almost always together. The year of 1988 was when they were in second year of high school.

Actually, before the 1988, there were the preceeding reply series, 1997 and 1994. The three has similar big picture which is about guessing who will the husband of the female lead. Bien sur, le husband is one of the boy from the gank. I watched 1997 and 1994 roughly, and I didn’t find those two were extra ordinary. Good yes, but not that great. Thus, I had a very low expectation watching 1988 at the beginning. More, none of the leads were those I have ever heard of. So, the chance it would be good were quite small. I thought at first.

But, up to its 18 episodes, I was totally totally wrong. From the very first until the latest, there haven’t been any single lame episodes. It has been so amazing how the writer, director, and the team can make such consistently great drama. You can’t help smiling, crying, laughing, and for me non-stop tweeting everytime I watch it.

I am obviously Jung Hwan supporter to be with Duk Seon. Fyi, you don’t expect a beauty female and male lead like any other good usual drama. Jung Hwan might be not what you call good looking, but, I can guarantee you will totally fall for his charm, his deep thought for Duk Seon, his small funny gestures, although his face was showing no emotions. Me love Jung Hwan very much.

Apart from the love story, it tells us a lot about family, parenting, and life lessons. It has a lot of quotable lines thus I can’t resist tweeting those good lines. Every characters have their own chance to tell you stories and lessons from each of them point of view. You can’t help loving all the characters in this drama. Really.

This week will be the very last week of its broadcast. And I feel so sad about that. So not ready to part with all of them. It’s been very enjoyable watching them for almost three months. Even for someone who don’t watch korean drama, I will surely tell them to watch this. It absolutely worths your precious time.

Langit should really watch this one too someday. More, I hope she will meet such great people and make friends with them like Duk Seon did. For great friends are one of the best present life can give to you.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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