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#ToReply1988 : Her Ending Versus Mine

Today is probably become an international heartbroken day for all korean drama viewers who happened to follow Reply 1988. The final answer about Duksun husband happened to be Taek. Not Jung Hwan. I am one of those who felt so sad about this. After all those heartrob scenes between Duksun and Jung Hwan, it felt too hurt knowing he wasn’t the one.

But then, it made me reflect back about the real life situation. It’s true that Jung Hwan loved Duksun a lot, but, did he ever say it directly once? Nope. Duksun could only guessing without any certainty while Taek, he made real moves. At least, he admitted it to the gank he liked Duksun. Then, he did some real things too. More real than what Jung Hwan did.

This whole the end made me smiled back thinking about my own ending. I had been once in pretty similar situation few years back. Had been friends with the A guy and the B guy for ten years when I finally chose one of them.

The A guy and I had a long stories with too much drama. We’d been experiencing almost every kind of drama that a relationship could have. Even until the very last days before the wedding day. While with this B one, everything seemed so smooth, calm, and promising. Although we had been friends since high school, in fact, we went to the same high school (the A guy was in different school), he had just really ‘come’ few years later after A.

The situation was really similar with those Reply 1988 scenes which showed Jung Hwan was the first one to be known being in love with Duksun first, until Taek declared that he did too. Guess here we could assume that A was Jung Hwan while B was Taek. Haha!

Long story short, they finally really came at the same time in one year which happened to be the most anxious years in my twenties. I really knew where my heart wanted to go. But, for me, marriage is a whole different level. It’s not only about being with the one you love. It goes very far beyond that. I wanted to make a rational decision about spending the rest of my life with someone.

I had been trying to find answers from any possible ways. Through my endless prays, discussions, readinga, literally from everywhere. Until I stopped searching and decided to wait. For what?

For the one who made the real and concrete moves first. As I always believe to never change my first answer in any tests, thus, I applied that thing for this one.

I was glad I had my pray answered sooner than later. It wasn’t comfortable at all being torn with two sides while you were not really sure which way to go. Once my pray answered, I took some time to cut off the other one.

In my shallow opinion, Duksun probably liked Jung Hwan much more than she did to Taek. It wasn’t a mere opinion actually. We could refer to all those scene such as the blind date asking, the early morning bus she catched, the concert dating she asked him to go, the pink shirt and there were a lot more to show she really liked Jung Hwan. Only she didn’t really sure whether Jung Hwan felt the same way. She couldn’t take those silent moves from Jung Hwan into consideration. It was all too grey.

In the end, she was finally be with Taek for one simple reason. Taek made his real moves faster and better than Jung Hwan. Taek offered what Jung Hwan didn’t. Certainty.

I came to this point of view and suddenly my heart felt a bit lighter. After all, Duksun was just doing what most women would do. She was being realistic. It was better going with the certain one than the uncertain one. Even, Jung Hwan also admitted that Taek deserved Duksun better when he realized his many hesitations. So, Taek, it is.

In spite of the lost, I really loved everything about this drama. It gave me such an enjoyable ride up to its 18 episodes. So grateful having all those characters with me for the past three months. It is surely by far the greatest drama I have ever watched. I am gonna miss it a lot.

So, I am saying my final goodbye through this post.

For all those #teamjunghwan out there, let’s cry a bit tonight and move on, shall we?;)

(Wait! then what about your own ending?)

Well, guess I am a bit luckier than Duksun..

I was given Jung Hwan who acted like Taek:)


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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