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Reply 1988 Fanfiction: Goodbye, Hello

I found this writing and this is a very good one. Can’t help crying while reading this. I couldn’t agree more with the note. It really should have been Jung Hwan. Only Jung Hwan.

Never knew before that I would be this attached to a drama. It has been three days and I haven’t moved anywhere.

This kind of ending is really messing with my heart. drama addiction.

NOTE: With the ending of Reply 1988 came another heartbreak. Another ship I supported, one that I believed without a shadow of a doubt would be canon, sank again. Those who know me are aware tha it takes quite a bit of strong emotion for me to write any kind of fanfic. I thought Reply 88 needed an alternate ending, one that would have fit better into the narrative they sold us.

This is for my fellow Jung Hwan lovers. In the end it could have been him. And you know what? It SHOULD have been him. He deserved that and so did Deok Sun.

This is the first of a two point five part story about our OTP. I hope you like it.


Part 1: Goodbye

October 1994

Jung Hwan

“I like you.” My eyes traveled over…

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