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A REPLY 1988 FAN FICTION: Goodbye, Hello

This is the part two from the previous post. She writes so well and I can’t help crying reading this in some parts. It consoles me in some ways thinking that this could be the real ending. The ending for those who roots for Jung Hwan.

I don’t know that I can be this attached to a drama. But, Reply 1988 is not a mere usual drama. Despite the ending that hurt me a lot, I love all about this drama. Will reblog all part here once it will be uploaded.

It has been five days and I still can’t get over this. drama addiction.

NOTE: Due to work constraints and for fear of a super long Part 2, I decided to add a Part 3 before the Epilogue. Part 3 should be out in a couple of days at the latest, and the Epilogue not long after that.

Part 2

December 1995

Deok Sun

I sat at a table in the pojamangcha near our parents’ house, waiting for my sister. I wondered almost as soon as she had called me asking to meet up for a drink as soon as I landed back in Seoul what the reason was. And why here.

She could have asked to meet me anywhere, so why did it have to be the place I had tried to avoid for the last couple of months?

I rubbed my hands together as the ahjumma dropped off a bottle of soju and a small dish of dried fish and some peppers…

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