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The Fourteenth Month

Let’s have a break for a while from the heart-breaking ending.

So, Langit will be fourteen months in few days. As I stated in the previous post, It has been amazing watching how different a month can bring.

She now surely walk fast and almost steadily. Way too fast till I have to raise my voice too loud sometimes because of fear that she might stumble down and hit something. I don’t expect she will master walking this soon. She had been practising almost by herself. She has been walking all around the house along this time. Of course with falling here and there, but it’s nothing serious alhamdulillah. I don’t use any learn-to-walk tools. She just use all things available here.

Speaking is another thing. She has some new babbling from last month, but still it’s not as advance as walking. She understands some new instructions but still can’t be able to say what she wants.

She has been an individual baby from the starts. She enjoys her own self well whenever I put her on the play yard. I can leave her alone to have shower or prepare the meal without being disturbed. Even when I feel too tired to watch her, I just slept on the couch while she played by herself. Again, for me, having this play yard is such a big advantage.

Toilet training is still going and it has been much easier since the first time we started. I hope this will end not later than the eighteenth month insya Allah. I’d like to proceed with the next training. It’s lucky that she has been sleeping on her own crib in her own room from the very beginning. So, it reduces the to do lists for me. Fiuh. Oh, one thing she seems to understand pretty well, crying and tears are not working on me. With others maybe it does, with me, it doesn’t work at all.

Feeding is going on well. Yah, well can be described as bearable enough at the point I don’t give up at all. I have been angry several times, yes, it is unavoidable, sorry not sorry, but one thing for sure, giving it up is not be seen in my dictionary. No matter how hard, I will still face it three times a day plus plus plus. Why plus plus plus? Please don’t forget the snacks such as UHT milk time, banana,avocado, biscuits and others. I can compromise sleeping time, but eating, sorry, no.

Her weight was doing okay from the last visit, alhamdulillah. Hope it will continue doing well. Amin.

That’s all for this month I think.

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